Sunday, June 16, 2013

Remnant of Russian Mir Space Station Found in Massachusetts

Green and his green rock.
(Credit: CBS Boston Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk) 

Phil Green was wandering along the Merrimack River in Massachusetts when he discovered a piece of rock that didn't seem like it was from around his parts.

Green is a curious man, but not too curious. So he put his green rock in the Green garden and left it there for six years.

When a friend finally asked about it, Green thought he'd finally investigate.

It was his good fortune that his sister-in-law had a friend who worked at NASA.

In this case, the green rock did actually fall from the sky. NASA has determined it is a piece of the Russian Space Station Mir.

Mir first went up to the beyond in 1986. It was decommissioned and thrust back down to Earth in 2001.

Most of it landed in the South Pacific. This rogue piece -- and who knows how many more there might be -- decided that Massachusetts was a better resting place.
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