Monday, February 11, 2013

Video: Girl Sends 'Hello Kitty' Doll Into Space in Balloon

Hello Kitty In Space: Seventh Grader Launches Rocket With Weather Balloon

Hello Kitty in space, seventh grader launches rocket

Antioch, CALIFORNIA – A seventh grader has launched a Hello Kitty toy with a weather balloon into space.

Lauren Rojas of Antioch, California, sent her Hello Kitty doll more than 90,000 feet into space for a science project. Footage of the doll’s journey to the final frontier is catching quite an audience.

Lauren Rojas, 13, a seventh-grader at Cornerstone Christian School, recently sent the doll into space as part of a class science project, according to the Tri Valley Herald.

Lauren explained her project to the press, saying she mounted four small cameras to a Hello Kitty rocketship toy and attached a weather balloon. She released the toy and it flew around 18 miles, with the cameras rolling. The balloon was apparently airborne for an hour and a half before it burst in the thin air of upper atmosphere, and the rocket began a slow fall back to Earth.

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