Thursday, October 11, 2012

FINALLY New Walkway to Wilkinsburg Station

      Statement Before the Council of the                        Glenn A. Walsh
    Borough of Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania                       P.O. Box 1041
Regarding Enhanced Pedestrian Access to                   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15230-1041
    the New Wilkinsburg Busway Station                          Telephone:  412-561-7876
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Good evening. I am Glenn A. Walsh and I reside at 633 Royce Avenue in Mount Lebanon. I conduct business in the Wilkinsburg area about once a month and use the Martin Luther King Jr. East Busway to reach Wilkinsburg.

In 2003, I addressed this Council regarding the Port Authority of Allegheny County's plan to prevent use of an existing staircase and wheelchair ramp, near Wilkinsburg's Pennsylvania Railroad Station, for pedestrian access to the then-new Wilkinsburg Busway Station at the new park-and-ride lot. On the reverse side is a copy of my 2003 statement :

At that time, the Port Authority had decided that pedestrian access, from the old busway inbound platform to the new busway inbound platform, would be dangerous due to the need for pedestrians to cross two entrances to a bus layover area. PAT did not consider the danger of pedestrians and wheelchair patrons crossing busy Penn Avenue. I fought PAT's decision not to build a simple walkway between the two inbound platforms. And, I want to thank the Wilkinsburg Council for unanimously approving a resolution supporting my position.

I am pleased to report to you tonight, that finally, this walkway has been built! I do not really know why, after nearly ten years, PAT officials changed their minds on this issue. However, now pedestrians and wheelchair patrons can cross Penn Avenue, from the area of the Pennsylvania Railroad Station, on a bridge and walk directly to the new busway station, without having to worry about navigating traffic on busy Penn Avenue.

Again, thank you for your support in 2003.


Statement before Wilkinsburg Council - 2003 January 22:
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Statement before PAT Board - 2003 January 24:
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Statement before PAT Board - 2012 September 28:
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