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Happy New Year Everyone,

Got Teens?  If you work with or teach teenagers, we'd really appreciate you introducing them to!  This is the new website for a NASA-funded teen science program called Surfin' the Solar Wind which enlists local high school students (aka "Teen Solar Investigators" or TSIs) to help design and bring engaging Sun-based activities and multimedia to other teenagers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. With the new website, we're now hoping to reach out to an even broader teen audience. 

So please ask the teens you work with or teach to poke around and explore We'll be updating the site with new activities from time-to-time, plus there's a "hidden" activity called the Sun Slider which is very cool - once you find it!

Thank you and enjoy,

On behalf of the entire Surfin' the Solar Wind team

Dan Zevin
Public Education Specialist
Space Sciences Laboratory
7 Gauss Way, MC 7450
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-7450

(510) 642-8326
(510) 643-5660 [fax]