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Northside Chronicle: Buhl Planetarium Turns 75
With the feature article on Buhl Planetarium's 75-year milestone in The Northside
Chronicle, this photograph from the History of Buhl Planetarium web site was
published which shows the Buhl Planetarium building in October of 1998, taken
from the then-Allegheny Square Plaza.
(Image Source: Friends of the Zeiss; Photographer: Lynne S. Walsh)

The 2014 February edition of North Side Pittsburgh's monthly newspaper, The Northside Chronicle, includes a feature article on the 75th year of Pittsburgh's Buhl Planetarium on page 12. In addition to this article appearing in the print edition of the newspaper in 2014 February, it also was posted on the newspaper's web site on 2014 January 30 and appeared in their Weekly eEdition, e-mailed to subscribers each Thursday, also on January 30.

The following are the first few paragraphs of this feature article, authored by Staff Writer Kristin Douty. Then there is an Internet hyper-link to the rest of the story on The Northside Chronicle web site.

Buhl Planetarium celebrates 75th birthday

By Kristin Douty

This year, the Buhl Planetarium – Northside’s astronomical observatory and historic landmark – turns 75 years old.

The landmark has accumulated an impressive history since it opened in 1939, when it was one of the earliest museums of the physical sciences in the country and the first institute in the country to design a sound system to accommodate hearing impaired visitors.

Although the original building currently houses the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, 10 Children’s Way, Buhl Planetarium was once a standalone organization and beloved by the local community. The planetarium’s Octagon Hall originally displayed now-famous exhibits, including daily, public demonstrations of the one million volt Oudin-type Tesla Coil, a machine that produced man-made lightning.

In 1954, Buhl Planetarium attracted over 200,000 visitors for the enormous early twentieth-century Miniature Railroad and Village. Glenn Walsh, a local preservationist and historian of the planetarium, notes that this exhibit alone could “fund the entire planetarium for a whole year.”

Pittsburgh native Walsh has documented the history of Buhl Planetarium since his childhood.

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Source: The Northside Chronicle.

More on the history of the Historic Buhl Planetarium:
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2014: 75th Year of Pittsburgh's Buhl Planetarium Historic Zeiss II Planetarium Projector at Pittsburgh's original Buhl Planetarium and Institute of Popular Science.

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