Sunday, November 11, 2012

99 Cents: Nominate Name for Exoplanet

Good Night, Exoplanet: Baby Name Book to Raise Science Funds

Date: 09 November 2012 Time: 03:31 PM ET
Animation of tidally locked exoplanet CoRoT-1b orbiting its star and changing phases, as our moon does.
When new planets are discovered beyond the solar system, they often get boring designations such as HD 85512b or Gliese 667Cc. A startup hoping to liven up these names has launched a project to create a Baby Planet Name Book full of more colorful suggestions.

The planet name project is the first official product from Uwingu, a new company that aims to raise money for space research, exploration and education.

Now, for 99 cents apiece, you can nominate any name you like to join the new planet name registry, and you can also vote for your favorites among the current list.

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Nominate and/or Vote on Names for Exoplanets at Uwingu Web Site:
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