Good afternoon, library advocates.
Today, Governor Tom Corbett unveiled his budget plan for Fiscal Year 2012-13.  Again this year as the economic recovery takes hold more slowly than desired, the Governor proposed an austere budget that decreases spending overall from about 27.16 billion this year compared with a budget plan for next year of about $27.14 billion. 
Here’s what Governor Corbett proposes for library programs:
·         A reduction of 5% ($2.6 million; down to $50.8 million) for the Public Library Subsidy;
·         No further cut to Library Access which received a 5% freeze reduction in January; same amount for next year of $2.8 million;
·         No further cut to Library Services for the Visually Impaired which received a 5% freeze reduction in January; same amount for next year of $2.5 million;
·         A reduction of $114,000 (-5.5%) for operations of the State Library.
Overall, funding for all library line items is trimmed by about 5%, a reduction of about $3 million from $61 million down to $58 million for all programs.  Clearly this is not the direction we want to go in but we also know that the state’s shortfall is about a half-billion this year and that deep cuts are proposed in places like the Department of Health, the Department of Public Welfare and higher education which face cuts of 30% and 20% just to name a few
I will have more information and context over the next several days.  For now, I just wanted to share this library funding information with you today.  There will be more to come.  The General Assembly has to weigh in with their priorities as well.  Our legislative committee will convene soon to work up a strategy for this budget cycle, and we’ll be in touch.
Thanks for all of your great support and advocacy for libraries. 
Glenn R. Miller
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Library Association
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