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Astronomical Calendar: 2017 August

The Great American Solar Eclipse will cross the United States on Monday Afternoon, August 21, 2017. All areas of the United States will see the eclipse, although a Total Eclipse of the Sun will only be seen in a narrow band (approx. 70.8 statute miles / 114 kilometers in width) across the country from Oregon to South Carolina. NO PARTIAL PHASE OF ANY SOLAR ECLIPSE IS SAFE TO LOOK AT DIRECTLY, UNLESS YOU HAVE THE PROPER TRAINING AND PROPER EQUIPMENT TO DO SO SAFELY; OTHERWISE EYE-SIGHT COULD BE DAMAGED PERMANENTLY. This graphic shows one way to safely view the partial phases of a solar eclipse by building a Solar Pinhole Viewing Box as shown above. After building this box, you must turn your back to the Sun and allow the light from the Sun to go through the pinhole and shine on a white piece of paper on the other end of the box (NEVER LOOK THROUGH THE PINHOLE AT THE SUN!).
More information: Link >>> http://buhlplanetarium4.tripod.com/astrocalendar/2017.html#GASE
(Graphic Source: Eric G. Canali, former Floor Manager of Pittsburgh's original Buhl Planetarium and Institute of Popular Science and Founder of the South Hills Backyard Astronomers amateur astronomy club.)

Astronomical Calendar for 2017 August: 
Link >>> http://buhlplanetarium4.tripod.com/astrocalendar/2017.html#aug

2017 August 21 -
Public observing session for the Great American Solar Eclipse, co-sponsored by
Friends of the Zeiss and the Mount Lebanon Public Library. The Mount Lebanon Public
Library estimated public attendance at 300. Members of Friends of the Zeiss
participating in this event were Glenn A. Walsh, Lynne S. Walsh, James McKee, and
Josie Dougherty(eighth-grade student who had just attended NASA's Space Camp in
Huntsville, Alabama). 
Link >>> http://buhlplanetarium.tripod.com/fotz/history.html#GASE 

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     Safe Public Viewing of the Great American Solar Eclipse
                         Monday, August 21, 2017
     Mt. Lebanon Public Library, South Suburban Pittsburgh
More Info: Link >>> http://buhlplanetarium.tripod.com/archivenews/releases/poster-flyer/2017SolarEclipse-Flyer.htm

Source: Friends of the Zeiss.
              2017 August 1.

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