Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Laser Cloaking of Earth From Alien Civilizations?

A 22W laser used for adaptive optics on the Very Large Telescope in Chile. A suite of similar lasers could be used to alter the shape of a planet's transit for the purpose of broadcasting or cloaking the planet. Credit: ESO / G. Hüdepohl
(Image Sources: ESO / G. Hüdepohl)

From: EarthSky.org

In a paper published on Wednesday, 2016 March 30 in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, two astronomers at Columbia University in New York propose that humanity could use lasers to conceal the Earth from searches by advanced extraterrestrial civilizations.

The new work is in line with suggestions by several prominent scientists, including Stephen Hawking, who have cautioned against humanity’s broadcasting its presence to intelligent life on other planets, lest those civilizations be warlike and desirous of Earth resources.

And it’s in line with an abundance of work over past decades in which earthly astronomers have sought distant planets in our Milky Way galaxy. A primary method for finding these exoplanets is the transit method, which is a high-tech search for a minute dip in starlight when a planet moves directly in front of the star it orbits. Transits are the main way that the Kepler mission and similar projects have discovered some 2,000 planets orbiting distant suns. So far, a few tens of these worlds appear to be similar in size to the Earth.

The suggestion for Earth-cloaking by the Columbia astronomers supposes that other civilizations might also try to find Earth-like planets using the transit method.

More - Link >>> https://earthsky.org/space/use-laser-cloaking-to-hide-earth-from-aliens

Sources: Royal Astronomical Society, EarthSky.org .
              2016 April 19.

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  1. (IF)" humanity could use lasers to conceal the Earth from searches by advanced extraterrestrial civilizations." What about other giant planets in our solar system? What if (advanced extraterrestrial civilizations) had an advanced cancelling a method of our lasers use...would our concealing the earth, work? What if (highly) AEC already know our earth on one hand, on the the other, our technology is more primitive than theirs? What we can do? What if too many extraterrestrial civilizations are already in contact to each other, and pass knowledge to each other, forming a united universal society, are we going to isolate ourselves from that? Why we have to hide, and not to face the possible reality in a positive ways of preparations in many methods starting with advanced teaching people of the earth in the same time forming an advance defence system not just to the earth but to our entire solar system in case of any possible dangers that may come from outer space. But we should not be aggressive against any peaceful (AEC) and which also can be too many out there, that would necessitate to communicate with them.