Thursday, December 13, 2012

N Korea Satellite: Conflicting Reports on Orbital Status

A screen shows a rocket being launched from a launch pad at the West Sea Satellite Launch Site, at North Korea's satellite control centre in Cholsan county, North Pyongan province, in this photo released by Kyodo December 12, 2012. North Korea successfully launched a rocket on Wednesday, boosting the credentials of its new leader and stepping up the threat the isolated and impoverished state poses to opponents. REUTERS-Kyodo

NPR --
There are conflicting reports about whether the satellite launched into space Wednesday from North Korea is safely circling the planet.

South Korea's Yonhap News Agency writes that South Korea's defense ministry says the object is in orbit, but adds that "it was not yet known whether it was functioning properly."

NBC News says it has been told by "U.S. officials" that the satellite appears to be is "tumbling out of control." The network adds that "the officials said that it is indeed some kind of space vehicle, but they still haven't been able to determine exactly what the satellite is supposed to do."

CBS --
A satellite North Korea launched aboard a long-range rocket is orbiting normally, South Korea said Thursday, following a defiant liftoff that drew a wave of international condemnation.

Washington and its allies are pushing for punishment over the launch they say is nothing but a test of banned ballistic missile technology.

Defense Ministry Spokesman Kim Min-seok said it usually takes about two weeks to determine whether a satellite works successfully after liftoff. He cited data from the North American Aerospace Defense Command.

Sources: National Public Radio, Associated Press, CBS.

NPR: "Report: North Korea's Satellite May Be 'Tumbling Out Of Control' ":
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AP/CBS: "North Korea's satellite orbiting normally, South Korea says":
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Tracking of North Korea Satellite:
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