Saturday, August 26, 2017

Great American Solar Eclipse Early Mega-Movie & Balloon Images

 Loki Lego Launcher in eclipse
Two pre-teen sisters from Seattle, Rebecca and Kimberly Yeung, received this photograph of the
Moon's shadow (seen in the background), during the Eclipse as seen from a balloon over Glendo, Wyoming. More info: Link >>>

By Glenn A. Walsh
Reporting for SpaceWatchtower

Thousands of photographs were taken from the ground of the Great American Solar Eclipse on Monday. Some of these photographs were included in the preliminary Eclipse Mega-Movie. While other photographs were taken from the stratosphere by balloon.

The preliminary Eclipse Mega-Movie can be found at the following Internet link. As more photographs are uploaded, improved versions of the Eclipse Mega-Movie will be available:

Link >>>

A nine-minute video of the Eclipse from a balloon over central Oregon:

Link >>>

Photographs from the Eclipse Ballooning Project:

Link >>>

The following are a couple more Eclipse photographs taken from balloons.

These two images were taken over Wyoming and Nebraska by balloons launched by
the Citizen Science project Earth to Sky Calculus, co-sponsored by .
More photographs and more information can be found on the Earth to Sky Calculus
Facebook Page:

Link >>>

Internet Links to Additional Information ---

Great American Solar Eclipse:
Link >>>

Solar Eclipse / Eclipse of the Sun: Tips for Safe Viewing:
Link >>>

Zubritsky, Elizabeth. "NASA's Lunar Mission Captures Solar Eclipse as Seen From the Moon."
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 2017 Aug. 29.
Link >>>

Chakrabarti, Meghna. "What The Solar Eclipse Is Teaching One NASA Scientist About Mars."
Radio Interview
Hear and Now Radio Program / WBUR-FM / National Public Radio 2017 Aug. 29.
Link >>>

2017 August 21 -
Public observing session for the Great American Solar Eclipse, co-sponsored by
Friends of the Zeiss and the Mount Lebanon Public Library. The Mount Lebanon Public
Library estimated public attendance at 300. Members of Friends of the Zeiss
participating in this event were Glenn A. Walsh, Lynne S. Walsh, James McKee, and
Josie Dougherty(eighth-grade student who had just attended NASA's Space Camp in
Huntsville, Alabama). 
Link >>> 

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"Great American Solar Eclipse Next Monday: Some Ways to See It Safely."

2017 Aug. 14.

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"Citizen Science: Aug. 21 Great American Solar Eclipse Mega-Movie Project."

2017 July 24.

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"Strong Solar Flare Seen, Although Approaching Sunspot Minimum." 2017 July 15.

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"Special Solar Eclipse Stamp to be Unveiled During Stonehenge-Type Solstice Event in Wyoming." 2017 June 19.

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Photos of New U.S. Postage Stamp Marking Great American Solar Eclipse:
Link >>>

Source: Glenn A. Walsh Reporting for SpaceWatchtower, a project of Friends of the Zeiss.
             2017 August 26.

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