Hi, all!  I thought that some of you might be interested in these talks, particularly the second one about the Moon and human behavior.  Also, we would greatly appreciate any help in disseminating this information.
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Upcoming MyMoon Webcasts for March
Emily Cook on the MyMoon Street Team
Live Video Webcast
March 13th @ 8pm Eastern Time
MyMoon's Street Team "Moonbassadors" keep it real. Come chat with Emily, one such Moonbassador, about her interests and what a Moonbassador does!
MyMoon is looking for self-motivated social media-types, who have at least looked at the Moon, to be part of the MyMoon Street Team to promote MyMoon and its events (contests, webcasts, etc.) and to initiate and facilitate discussions of all things lunar! MyMoon will pay you for a maximum 5 hours/week at $10/hour. Emily Cook, a new member of the Street Team, is a junior studying elementary science education, and is passionate about all things science, especially astronomy.
Dr. Eric Chudler About the Moon and Human Behavior
Live Video Webcast
March 28th @ 8pm Eastern Time
Does the Moon's phase effect violence or crime, depression or psychosis, the number of patients in emergency rooms, accidents, overdoses, or animal bites?  Come hear what the research says!!
Dr. Chudler is a research neuroscientist interested in how the brain processes information about pain and nociception.  He is currently a research associate professor at the University of Washington and the executive director of the Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering.  In addition to performing basic neuroscience research, Eric works with other neuroscientists and classroom teachers to develop educational materials about the brain, including a site that examines a tremendous amount of scientific research on human behavior and the full moon.
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