Monday, April 15, 2013

Scientists Plan for Asteroid Deflection Mission

File:Minor Planets - Apollo.svg

The Apollo asteroid group (shown in green). The Sun is in the center, with the planets Mercury (black), Venus (yellow), Earth (blue) and Mars (red). The European Space Agency and NASA plan on crashing a spacecraft into an Apollo asteroid, to study techniques which could deflect a future asteroid that may pose a danger to Earth. (Image Source: )

Scientists Plan for 2022 Space Smash

By Eve Pearce, European Correspondent
Reporting for SpaceWatchtower 
2013 April 15
Leading astronomers in the United States and Europe are planning to crash a spacecraft into an asteroid in order to research deflection methods. The project, entitled the Asteroid Impact and Deflection Assessment Mission (AIDA), will be launched in 2019. Two spacecraft – one built by the European Space Agency and the other by scientists from the United States – will take three years to reach their destination, the asteroid Didymos.

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Source: Eve Pearce, European Correspondent Reporting for SpaceWatchtower, a project of Friends of the Zeiss.
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