Friday, March 15, 2013

NASA Sequestration Rules Restricts Scientists

Conference travel and participation severely restricted

LPSC 2008 conference 

Fewer people, fewer ideas at scientific conferences are the result of the Sequester at NASA - Ted Stryk

Posted By Casey Dreier
2013/03/14 07:18 CDT

NASA released new rules severely limiting travel and scientific conference attendance, yesterday, in what is the first major effect of Sequestration on the agency.

A letter from NASA Administrator Charles Bolden outlined the new restrictions, which include a ban on travel outside of the continental United States, a limit of fifty NASA scientists at any given conference, and new requirements that a physical presence at the conference is necessary.

So, why is this really bad?

Conference travel for scientists is a crucial aspect of their professions. A conference is an exchange of ideas, where scientists can get together, present results, hear new ones, and generally cross-pollinate. Serendipitous interactions between scientists can lead to unexpected collaborations. This type of intermingling is understood as a crucial component of creative endeavors, reflected in a variety of environments (for example, the layout of the Pixar company's main headquarters encourages employee interaction).

More w/Details of NASA Restrictions:
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Source: The Planetary Society.


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