Sunday, January 6, 2013

NASA to Sell or Lease Launch Facilities & Equipment

Want a launch pad? NASA is selling

Space program looks to put defunct buildings to use

UPDATED 5:56 PM EST Jan 02, 2013

File:Aerial View of Launch Complex 39.jpg
Aerial view of the Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center (Source: )

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. —NASA is quietly cleaning out parts of Kennedy Space Center.

The announcement is drawing some interest among private companies and individual entrepreneurs hoping to make bucks in the space business.

At the Kennedy Space Center, after 8,000 or so post-shuttle layoffs, there are acres of old office chairs, desks and equipment no longer in use and buildings that need tenants.

NASA is looking to sell or lease facilities used for the defunct space shuttle program.

Among the items up for use, lease or sale are Launch Pad 39A, from which shuttles and Apollo11 were launched, and the Vehicle Assembly Building, where the shuttles were prepared and repaired between missions.

Source: WESH-TV 2 Daytona Beach.


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