Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mullaney Blog:  Forgotten Observing Classic

Guest Blog on by James Mullaney, former Curator of Exhibits and Astronomy at Buhl Planetarium and Staff Astronomer at Allegheny Observatory.

A Forgotten Observing Classic by James Mullaney

The following post is by guest blogger, James Mullaney, a dear friend of mine for many years.  Jim’s two most recent books, with world renowned celestial cartographer, Wil Tirion:  ”The Cambridge Double Star Atlas” and “The Cambridge Atlas of Herschel Objects.”  Two excellent books that you will want for your astronomy library for sure!  Spiral bound, with a slick finish cover….very durable and perfect for use with your telescope. 
A Forgotten Observing Classic
By: James Mullaney
“Admiral William Henry Smyth,” “Rev. T.W. Webb,” “William Tyler Olcott”—names familiar to nearly all who love stargazing for the classic observing guides that have inspired generations of amateur astronomers.  But there is another name that should be added to this distinguished roster, and it is that of “Charles Edward Barns.”  Chances are that most readers have never heard of him nor his charming and long out-of-print work of nearly a century ago, 1001 Celestial Wonders (subtitled As Observed with Home-Built Instruments).



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