Sunday, January 1, 2012

UFO? Santa? Mysterious Lights Spotted on Christmas Eve Explained

Date: 30 December 2011 Time: 01:48 PM ET
Christmas UFO Mystery
Screenshot of Christmas UFO.
CREDIT: 1AmazingWorld | YouTube
Christmas Eve brought some celestial magic for hundreds of people across Germany and nearby countries. Eyewitnesses reported seeing between one and three glowing orbs in the night sky, with tails variously described as white, red, or green, depending on the location of the observer.
Some thought they might be seeing a UFO or, given the date and color scheme, Santa and his sleigh. But the biggest clue about the mysterious objects' identity came from the sequence of eyewitness reports: What they saw began as a large object that later broke into several smaller pieces, each with its own tail streaking out into an individual arc across the sky. This pattern is typical of objects re-entering Earth's atmosphere from orbit and burning up along the way. [Video]



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